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True Cellular Detox

Are you suffering from symptoms that doctors can’t explain? Are you suffering from sleep and anxiety issues? Low energy and brain fog? Diets don’t work? You have joint pains without trauma or wear and tear? Then True Cellular Detox might just be the answer you have been looking for.

As a society, we live in a very contaminated environment, from EMF radiation from cellular phones and Wi-Fi, to mercury from our dental amalgams and from consumption of certain fish. Lead can accumulate from the environment and it is passed down from mother to child. Aluminum can accumulate from drinking from cans, cooking with aluminum cookware, anti-per spirants. There is arsenic is in rice, pigments, dyes, wines and shellfish. Silver can accumulate from dental fillings and jewelry. These are just to name a few of the heavy metals that can accumulate in our body and more worrisome, in our brains.

The insanity has to stop and it is proven that most detox programs currently available do not get the job done. Most simply clean the colon or the liver and many times just stir up the heavy metals, only to be re-absorbed by the body again for re-distribution. True Cellular Detox is a proven system that effectively detoxifies first your body and then your brain. It is done as a three step process and you are guided along the way.

There are 4 very specific tests that determine if you are a candidate for True Cellular Detox that are non-invasive. We also host Health Talks in the office that will answer any doubts you may have.

Below are 4 short vides you may view by texting to the indicated number with the message provided:

Weight loss resistance?

  • Text message LOSEIT to phone number 44222.

Sleep and Anxiety issues?

  • Test message GETSLEEP to phone number 44222.

Low energy andBrain fog?

  • Text message THINKCLEAR to phone number 44222

Chronic Pain?

  • Text message NOPAIN to phone number 44222

If you’d like to schedule an appointment call 305-883-5577 today!